Dominik Földi

Transformational Leader, Holistic Life & Health Coach, Certified Quantum Flow Practitioner

Through my dedicated coaching and guidance, you'll not only achieve your professional and personal goals but also find true fulfillment in every step of your progress.

About Me

My Mission is to Help Ambitious, Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs to Achieve Their True Potential and Thrive in Life

With a deep passion for helping individuals realize their potential, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a compassionate approach to every coaching session, activation and ritual. My journey has led me to specialize in personal growth, goal attainment, and navigating life's challenges. Drawing from a diverse entrepreniual background and a genuine desire to see you succeed, I'm here to be your partner, confidant, and motivator.

I am Transformational Leader, Holistic Life & Health Coach, Certified Quantum Flow Practicioner, Biohacker, Cold Adaptation Trainer, nomadic world traveler, psychonaut, yoga, acro yoga & tantra practitioner, extreme sports enthusiast, Lifebook practitioner, martial artist, entrepreneur, and founder of the Golden-Hearted Lion Tribe. I am working in the tech sector for more than 10 years, founded multiple startups and agencies. During this time, I traveled to 30+ countries, learned from numerous teachers and gurus, and tried a myriad of practices.

What My Clients Say

I can't wait to help you thrive!

Dominik Földi

Transformational Leader
Holistic Life & Health Coach
Certified Quantum Flow Practitioner


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